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As Vice President of NPOFunding$olution$, which conducts multiple charitable raffles online to benefit non-profit organizations, I have been asked to comment on the May 10th New York Times article: “Charities Reap Benefits of Contests on Internet.”

While, as quoted in that New York Times article, “the opportunity for non-profit groups to win money through online contests are proliferating, adding yet another weapon to charities fund-raising arsenal”, there is a major difference between the online contests mechanism and the NPOFunding$olution$ CharityRaffles.org program. Because CharityRaffles.org provides individuals with the added incentive of chances to win up to $1 million in exchange for their donations, the non-profits in the CharityRaffles.org consortium can thereby “attract” donations from individuals who don’t care about the missions and programs of the non-profits, i.e. there are a lot of people, particularly in the current financial environment, who just want great odds to win from $20 up to $1 million. Via CharityRaffles.org these individuals become “unwitting” or “unintentional” supporters for the missions we are all dedicated to. We call these people “indirect donors.” And, the bottom line is – we all need more donors and it doesn’t matter if they are “direct” or “indirect” donors.

Contact me or NPOFunding$olution$ directly to learn more – not only is the Charity Raffles program a truly revolutionary opportunity to raise money online during very trying economic times, but its a very progressive program with respect to utilization of Internet Marketing and Social Media techniques, both for the nonprofit and supporting corporate sponsors. It’s a great way for businesses to get FREE Internet Marketing help coordinated with very necessary philanthropic efforts.



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Today’s Topic is for the Development Staff of Non-Profit Organizations

  • How concerned are you about losing your job?
  • About new fundraising strategies outstripping the membership development, grant proposals to foundations and corporations, major donor servicing and labor intensive special events which are the tools of your trade?
  • About the global economic slowdown wreaking havoc with the corporate and individual support to non-profit organizations?
  • About the foundations, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations across the nation facing the long-term damage that financial market turbulence will do to their endowments which have been the source of funds for their capital projects and operating expenses?

If all this keeps you awake at night, I encourage you to join me in the NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org Consortium which will provide you with job security as you decrease your organization’s fundraising costs, retain and regain the support of your corporate and individual donors and obtain a constant stream of funding to accomplish your mission.

Too good to be true?

Over the past four years as a participant in the design, development and implementation of NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org, I have been educated to understand that the key to long-term success in this new world is for us fundraisers to shift from a “fundraising mentality” to a “marketing mentality” using the power of the Internet and Social Media to offer people charitable raffle tickets for prizes up to $1 million in exchange for their donations to non-profit organizations.

As an NPOFS “Referral Organization” in the CharityRaffles.org consortium, your sole responsibility and function is that of a marketing engine for which your non-profit receives, free-of-charge, “Referral Contributions” on a monthly basis. Your marketing activities, which are guided and supported by our NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org marketing experts, also increase your donor base (both direct and indirect donors) because you are offering people a chance to win, with incredible odds, thousands of prizes thereby capturing in the current economic environment the growing number of people who are purchasing lottery tickets, more than ever before, as the only hope to resolve their financial distress.

You can also dramatically increase your organization’s monthly income from your participation in the NPOFS “Referral Organization” Program by offering to your corporate sponsors and individual donors, without their having to write a check to your organization from their bank accounts, ways by which they can help your organization in a major way to obtain funding. For complete details on how you and your non-profit can participate and benefit, go to www.npofs.org .

To help you grasp the value of NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org, I’ll have more topics for you in the coming weeks focusing on issues such as:

  • the gratification you get by participating in a fundraising consortium where each mission supports all other missions as part of a circle of success for a better world;
  • on decreasing the labor intensive and costly “Servicing of Donors”;
  • on the waste of money and materials in direct mail;
  • on competition among non-profits for the donor’s dollar;
  • on the example of success of the Obama Campaign’s Internet fundraising; and
  • other issues affecting the future of philanthropy.

In the meantime, I wish you good luck with your endeavors and would welcome your thoughts and questions for this News & Views Fundraising Consortium.

Diana Kingsbury-Smith Keesee
Vice President,

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