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Here’s a very interesting new community-based initiative unfolding in the Sterling area of Loudoun County, at EnrichNova.wordpress.com.

“Enrich NOVA is a new community based organization in Sterling, Virginia that is committed to helping unleash generosity in collaboration with residents and non-profit, business, and government leaders while empowering people to serve people.”

Read more at Gateway to Loudoun County


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According to CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, the unintended consequence of Obama’s fiscal restraint in reducing the charitable giving deduction from 35% to 28% (for households making more than $250,000 per year) is that donations could “go off a cliff”.

This is obviously further bad news in an already very difficult fundraising climate for nonprofits relying exclusively on consistent donor generosity for supporting their operations and social service efforts.

Here’s an even stronger message and call to nonprofits to double-down their efforts to attract and sustain donorship online, leveraging Nonprofit fundraising Internet marketing and social media techniques, and banding together to collectively help themselves and each other to take advantage of extremely helpful and rapidly growing online raffle consortiums as managed at i-raffles.org.

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Today’s Topic is for the Development Staff of Non-Profit Organizations

  • How concerned are you about losing your job?
  • About new fundraising strategies outstripping the membership development, grant proposals to foundations and corporations, major donor servicing and labor intensive special events which are the tools of your trade?
  • About the global economic slowdown wreaking havoc with the corporate and individual support to non-profit organizations?
  • About the foundations, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations across the nation facing the long-term damage that financial market turbulence will do to their endowments which have been the source of funds for their capital projects and operating expenses?

If all this keeps you awake at night, I encourage you to join me in the NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org Consortium which will provide you with job security as you decrease your organization’s fundraising costs, retain and regain the support of your corporate and individual donors and obtain a constant stream of funding to accomplish your mission.

Too good to be true?

Over the past four years as a participant in the design, development and implementation of NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org, I have been educated to understand that the key to long-term success in this new world is for us fundraisers to shift from a “fundraising mentality” to a “marketing mentality” using the power of the Internet and Social Media to offer people charitable raffle tickets for prizes up to $1 million in exchange for their donations to non-profit organizations.

As an NPOFS “Referral Organization” in the CharityRaffles.org consortium, your sole responsibility and function is that of a marketing engine for which your non-profit receives, free-of-charge, “Referral Contributions” on a monthly basis. Your marketing activities, which are guided and supported by our NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org marketing experts, also increase your donor base (both direct and indirect donors) because you are offering people a chance to win, with incredible odds, thousands of prizes thereby capturing in the current economic environment the growing number of people who are purchasing lottery tickets, more than ever before, as the only hope to resolve their financial distress.

You can also dramatically increase your organization’s monthly income from your participation in the NPOFS “Referral Organization” Program by offering to your corporate sponsors and individual donors, without their having to write a check to your organization from their bank accounts, ways by which they can help your organization in a major way to obtain funding. For complete details on how you and your non-profit can participate and benefit, go to www.npofs.org .

To help you grasp the value of NPOFS/CharityRaffles.org, I’ll have more topics for you in the coming weeks focusing on issues such as:

  • the gratification you get by participating in a fundraising consortium where each mission supports all other missions as part of a circle of success for a better world;
  • on decreasing the labor intensive and costly “Servicing of Donors”;
  • on the waste of money and materials in direct mail;
  • on competition among non-profits for the donor’s dollar;
  • on the example of success of the Obama Campaign’s Internet fundraising; and
  • other issues affecting the future of philanthropy.

In the meantime, I wish you good luck with your endeavors and would welcome your thoughts and questions for this News & Views Fundraising Consortium.

Diana Kingsbury-Smith Keesee
Vice President,

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A new breed of non-profit has emerged, and is actively beginning to dramatically leverage many factors relating to the changing winds of philanthropy online…though it’s not so obvious. A recent news item in Loudoun highlighted the Round Hill-based “paws4people(TM)” foundation, that’s been working in many venues training and providing service dogs for all kinds of purposes, from helping school kids to read, to helping comfort and soothe those in need. This local organization is building its fundraising prowess leveraging the power of online social media and Internet marketing, promoting its online charitable raffle fundraising services.

In short, charityraffles.org enables, with the core focus being continued support of the paws4people(TM) foundation interests, any other non-profit to itself refer donors, for a referral return, to an online charity raffle, with absolutely no out-of pocket expense for themselves or associated corporate sponsors. All perfectly legal, a non-profit can quickly and continually raise funds as they’re donated (monthly payments), by promoting raffle ticket sales under their own campaign. Each raffle ticket sold not only provides the donor many chances to actually win prizes, including a “grand prize” of up to $1 million, but also provides the “host” raffle organizer recurring funds that (1) are of much higher margin than most any other kind of fundraising tact, (2) support not only the host raffle organizer but all other non-profits in the “consortium”, and (3) support the Paws4People organization in a way that touches entire communities.

Read more at Gateway to Loudoun County

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Non-Profit?  Need Cash?  This is How, Right Now.


You are a Non-Profit Organization, Charity or Religious Organization. You Need to Raise Money Now.



         School and Educational Groups


         Environmental Interest Groups

         Community Support Groups

         Veteran Support Groups



We are at I-Raffles.org. An Opportunity to Help, a Chance to Win!


We Provide an Easy Way for You to Quickly Raise Money From Donors – AT NO DIRECT COST TO YOU.


Easier, Quicker and Ultimately Much More Profitable and Satisfying Than:


         Bake Sales/Rummage Sales

         Participating in Federated Giving Campaigns, For Small, Infrequent Returns

         Asking Students to Sell Door-To-Door

         Putting on a Show or Soliciting Entertainment

         Local Raffles With Limited Prizes

         Gambling, Of Any Kind

         Long Volunteer Hours

         Reselling Products For Low Margins and Lots of Hard Labor and Time


What You Do:


(A)   Apply As a Referral Organization With CharityRaffles.org

(B)   Refer Donors to Buy Our Raffle Tickets, and Ask Sponsors to Do the Same.

(C)   Receive Your Money Each Month.


That’s it!


What Your Sponsors Do:


(A)   Use Their Marketing Capabilities and Connections to Promote Your Fundraising Campaign


You Get:


(A)   Referral Contributions – i.e. % Money Per Raffle Ticket

(B)   Targeted Donations From Donors

(C)   Big Winning Raffle Ticket Bonus – If You Referred the Winning Ticket

(D)   Internet Marketing and Social Media for Your Fundraising Raffle


Your Donors Get:


(A)  Many Chances to Win Cash Prizes, Up to $1Million Grand Prize

(B)   Assurance That 65% Money Donated Goes Directly to Charities, Including Yours

(C)  The Opportunity To Contribute Not Only to You, But To Many Other Charities


Your Sponsors, With NO Direct Investment, Get:


(A)   The Right to Advertise Their Sponsorship of Your Raffle FundRaising Campaign

(B)   Great Press if Someone Wins Your Raffle

(C)   Opportunity To Tie Promotions to Donorship

(D)   Free Help Internet Marketing Their Sponsorship of Your FundRaising Campaign


This blog post is not in itself an offer, or legally binding in any way – contact I-Raffles.orgfor full details, rules, conditions and other information.

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This blog will provide news and ideas for fundraisers, whether Non-Profits, Charities and Religous Organizations. Information for corporations or individuals wishing to support Non-Profit fundraising is provided as well.

Visit CharityRaffles.org for quick and easy ways to support your local charity, and win great prizes!

Email us at info@i-raffles.org for more information, or follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/raisefunds.

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